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February 2010



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Feb. 20th, 2010


Look who's back in town today...


Here I am, back again. I've had a couple of fairly big illuminations, not the least of which is that yes, I am polytheist, and yes, I really should be doing what I first talked about a couple of years ago and getting to know the Greek Gods better.

And that's what I'm going to be spending a lot of time here talking about.

That's all for now.

Aug. 2nd, 2009


I'm alive

Still here, not too much to say at the moment.

I haven't looked at LJ in quite some time. I have no idea what anyone has been up to.

Lex is fine, in that driving you nuts while completely pwning you way that a four year old has.
Lana is fine, too.

Did I mention I don't really have much to say?

Maybe I'll have something to say later. Right now I have to mow the lawn.

Mar. 9th, 2009


First Hundred Words

The great tower of the Anatilan Palace glowed a deep purple under the bright red light of the moon Kyto. As the city burned below, Doran Pers scaled the blue wall beneath the grand palisade, cursing as he first missed, then caught the metal girder that would take him from the wall to the protruding edge of the deck where the Kings of Anatilan had stood for seven hundred years to view the city and address her people. He carefully worked his way along the girder, then brought his legs up to hang upside down while he retrieved his line...

Feb. 20th, 2009


In case you didn't see it yesterday

New Zealand's new Copyright Law presumes 'Guilt Upon Accusation' and will Cut Off Internet Connections without a trial. Join the black out protest against it!

I understand now that there is a run-up to doing this in the UK too. I will not be at all surprised if the RIAA doesn't try it here next.

Feb. 19th, 2009


Guilt By Accusation? I think not... so I'm Blacked Out

New Zealand's new Copyright Law presumes 'Guilt Upon Accusation' and will Cut Off Internet Connections without a trial. Join the black out protest against it!

Feb. 3rd, 2009


Dear Mr. President


Jan. 31st, 2009


This post has no title, just words and a tune

Random thought -

We did not evolve to sit at desk and count money, or file paperwork, or transcribe rows of digits into a computer. We evolved to hunt elephants on the African plain, to invent things like fires and tires and agriculture, to contemplate the how and why of the universe and to cross over the mountains and see the other side matched our contemplation. Ergo, if your life is boring, don't blame it on your genes; you have everything in you to do something about it.

Make life an adventure, it's what you were built for.

Long distance information, I'll take the same

I've switched for the moment to KDE 4.2, which seems so far to be a vast improvement over 4.0. After using 3.5 for about a year I tried 4.0 when it first came out, found it buggy and wretched, and so skipped 4.1 altogether. 4.2 still has some problems, most notably that about half of the widgets don't seem to work yet in Kubuntu, but otherwise I'm pretty pleased.

I'm also using Twitter again, you can follow me @mbhubbard.

I have new glasses coming, and so will be updating my profile picture before too very long.

Lex has been pretty badly behaved this weekend. Lana and I are both a little short because of it, but I think it'll be better tomorrow when we have less going on.

I'd like to mention once more, since I was reminded of it, that the best possible stimulus package would be putting about a third of the cost of the current package into solar thermal power, and another third into space exploration and exploitation. The sun is best possible source of energy for the earth, solar thermal is the best way to get at it, and every other resource we need lies beyond the atmosphere waiting for us to come and get it.

Seriously, can we move to the future now?

Jan. 27th, 2009


England Prevails, Indeed...

I woke up this morning to an awesome crash that I thought had some from the kitchen. My eyes popped open, I looked around the room, realized that although almost nothing of my stuff was there, the room was full of Victorian-looking furniture and now painted instead of covered in false knobby pine. As I reached for the bedside table, my wife rolled over toward me a bit and mumbled "surely it's not morning yet; could you not tell the office to sod off one day?". She said this in a pitch perfect Auntie Beeb nasal that she never before possessed. That's when I knew something was strange.

I got out of bed and started looking around. I realized after a moment I was in the upstairs. When I went to bed the upstairs was occupied by the neighbor; today it was full of what was presumably our stuff and laid out completely differently. I found my way to the bathroom (no bidets in our house yesterday), then sought out the closet. After a few moments of fumbling I found a complete outfit consisting of brown slacks (held up by straps), a pinstriped shirt, and a red and blue waistcoat. None of which I owned yesterday. All of which fit me as though made for me. I went downstairs.

I found the television, one of the few items in the house in the same place I left it, though it was not the one I left there when I went to bed. The remote, fortunately, sat on top of the set. I turned it on, flipped around channels. Everyone speaks British English, with the exception of the couple of gaelic language channels I pass. I mean everyone. The local news is full of Brits. They're discussing the new Prime Minister of New England, Barak Obama. I watch the man-in-the street opinions. There are airships in skies. Two or three are at train stations. The cars have a more forties look to them. Obama is looking forward to working with the New England Parliment and King Charles. I found my shoes just inside the dining room. At least that hasn't changed; I'm a slob in every universe apparently.

I went out the front door. My van was still a van, just different, more elegant. Airships plied the skies. A handful of people were walking toward the train station at the end of the road. My flagpole flew the Union Jack, as did four others in the neighborhood. A bobby in hat with club walked down the street waving as he passed.

I walked down toward the station to take a look around.

Jan. 22nd, 2009


Strange fascination fascinate me

I mentioned before that I was listening to a UC Berkley rhetoric course. It's really worth a listen if you've got 35 hours or so.

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